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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

New Colletion: Wax Flower

New Colletion: Wax Flower -->
Have you heard about Wax Flower before?
I read about this plant in Idea Garden magazine a year ago. I did interest in this plant, but I didn't know where to get this plant. Last week, when I and my family visited a nursery inside of parking area of Carrefour, I saw wax flowers in pots. They were Hoya carnosa, or Grandma's old fashioned wax flower.
Wax Flower (Hoya carnosa)

The owner of the nursery informed me that a pot of wax flower was IDR 25, 000,- (US$ 2,5). Then I asked my wife to bargain it. And thanks to my wife, I could bring home two pots of wax flower for only IDR 25,000,- (US$ 2,5).