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Sunday, August 17, 2008

August 17: Independence Day

This post is not about gardening, but independence day of Indonesia.

Indonesia's Independence Day logo

Indonesia flag, from

Our Founding Fathers, Soekarno and M. Hatta, proclaimed the independence of Indonesia 63 years ago. That's happened after 350 years had occupied by Dutch and 3,5 years by Japan. But, eventhough we have declared our independence in 1945, Dutch still had wanted to rule Indonesia. We really got our freedom on December 27, 1949 after the Dutch-Indonesian Round Table Conference.

Soekarno, from

Mohammad Hatta, from

Today, we celebrate our independence day. Our National Flag, Red and White Flag, decorates every houses and buildings in the country. Many activities are held by the people of Indonesia, like games and sport activities.

Sack Race, from

Eat Kerupuk Game, from

Climb the Pinang, from