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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Seed-sowing Day

I have olive, red sealing wax palm, white pomegranate, Zamia furfuraceae, and date seeds. Several days ago, I decided to add my seedling collections. I wanted to sow some of them.

First step, prepared the seeds. I soaked seeds in a glass of water. Olive seeds were sandpapered first to facilitate germination. I hoped it worked. This was the first time I sowed olive, red sealing wax palm, white pomegranate, and Zamia furfuraceae. I always soak seeds in a glass of water if I want to sow them.

Olive seed (left) and sandpapered olive seed (right)

Second step, prepared the media. I mixed media which are burned husks, cocopeats, and dung of goats. I put them in a plastic tray. I made four rows for each kind of seeds. I used pot for date seeds.

Burned husks


Dung of goats

Mixed media

Third step, sowed seeds and covered them with the media.

Fourth step, watered them using sprayer.

Fifth step, that's all.


Yolanda Elizabet said...

It's fun to see that you are sowing too, eventhough we are far apart. White pomegranates sound wonderful. I've never sown olive seeds before but I do have a (very small) olive tree in my conservatory. During the summer my olive tree lives in my garden.

Surya said...

@yolanda elizabet: I got white pomegranate seeds from my aunt in Surabaya. It's difficult to find olive tree here, so I bought olive seeds from Banana Tree site.

Nicole said...

Good luck with the seeds. I grew acacia from seeds from the Banana Tree site. I also have a zoen palms -dates and other I grew from seeds. I just stick them on a pot of plants in good soil and forget about them-sometimes they come up 6 months later!

guild-rez said...

I am interested to see your seeds develop. How long will it take to grow an olive tree from seeds?
Thank you for your visit and comment.

-Cheers from Canada.

beckie said...

Such different things we plant, but so interesting. I will be watching for them to sprout. Good Luck!

ginger said...

Surya: It is nice to hear from you. Thank you for visiting my garden. I have visited here and will be interested in seeing your seeds germinate. I love that you mixed your own media. This is Layanee from Ledge and Gardens but your comment section doesn't allow me to post my URL.

A wildlife gardener said...

You are my first visitor from indonesia :)

It is good to learn about what you are planting. I have never tried growing pomegranites before. how long will they take to grow and will you get fruit this year or next?

Surya said...

nicole, we bought seeds from the same site. I think I have to be patient to wait my seeds to germinate.

guild-rez, thanks for visiting my blog. I don't know how long it will take to grow an olive tree from seeds, because it is my first time :)

beckie, I hope they will germinate in weeks, not months.

ginger, thanks for visiting again. I hope my seeds will germinate. I always mix my own media.

a wildlife gardener, thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy it. I can't answer your question because it's my first time :)