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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Seed-sowing Day

I have olive, red sealing wax palm, white pomegranate, Zamia furfuraceae, and date seeds. Several days ago, I decided to add my seedling collections. I wanted to sow some of them.

First step, prepared the seeds. I soaked seeds in a glass of water. Olive seeds were sandpapered first to facilitate germination. I hoped it worked. This was the first time I sowed olive, red sealing wax palm, white pomegranate, and Zamia furfuraceae. I always soak seeds in a glass of water if I want to sow them.

Olive seed (left) and sandpapered olive seed (right)

Second step, prepared the media. I mixed media which are burned husks, cocopeats, and dung of goats. I put them in a plastic tray. I made four rows for each kind of seeds. I used pot for date seeds.

Burned husks


Dung of goats

Mixed media

Third step, sowed seeds and covered them with the media.

Fourth step, watered them using sprayer.

Fifth step, that's all.

Friday, March 14, 2008

My Garden in Yogyakarta

I moved to Yogyakarta with my family last month. I brought some of my plants with me. My front garden in my new place is narrower than in Jakarta. That's why I can't bring all of my plants.

I don't have back garden. Fortunately, there's space where I can 
put my plants. I put my Anthurium seedlings there.

I have Betels in my garden, Green (common Betel) and Red Betel. 
Green Betel 

Red Betel

Giant Sanseviera. It needs repotting, I guess.

Curry Leaf Tree. My wife used it in her rendang (Indonesian food).